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Armageddon´s Disciples

When three “Disciples” of the Word of God Foundation discover seventeen-year-old Alice Lahti dead in their meeting hall, detective Ed Franklin takes charge of the police investigation. He quickly finds a tangled web of toxic relationships, sexual abuse, blackmail...


About Jeff Thomas

Jeff wanted to be a novelist many years ago. He began sharing his creative efforts with other writers, but writing remained a hobby. In the spring of 2020, Jeff used the time created by COVID lockdowns to revise and edit his first published work, an alternate history trilogy. Jeff has been a history buff his entire life. He wrote his first alternate history about twenty years ago, sharing the work with a writer’s circle of companion history buffs. He decided that he wanted to avoid the usual topics of alternate history (World War II, the American Civil War). His first effort (which led to his novel “1910: War in the Pacific”) was a short story based on the 1859 “Pig War” in what was then Washington Territory. (Available elsewhere on this website). “1910: War in the Pacific” was Jeff’s first full-length work of fiction. “1912: The War for the Whitehouse” and “1916: The War for America quickly followed. After spending fifteen years in an apocalyptic high-control religion, Jeff devotes much of his time and energy to religious studies. He is particularly interested in non-mainstream religions. His next novel “Armageddon’s Disciples” a religious thriller, is due out this summer. Jeff graduated from Washington State University with a degree in English. He also completed a certificate program in Business Management and worked for twenty-six years as an accountant and financial manager. Jeff was born in Boston, grew up in Cooperstown, NY. He moved to Washington State in 1963 and continues to live in the Pacific Northwest with his family.

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