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Information on my new book

Updated: May 16, 2023

Until the start of the 1965 school year three teenagers – Julius “Whitman” Whitman, Cliff Williams, and Lilith Barrett – were outcasts. They existed without friends; the objects of ridicule and bullying by their peers, and derision from their teachers. Then they discover they have supernatural talents.

They find themselves suddenly able to move objects by telekinesis and make people see things that aren’t there; or not see things that are. Where did these talents come from? Why were they selected to harbor supernatural powers? What are they supposed to do with their new-found powers? Or are they freaks?

Drawn together by the new status they set out to find the answers to their questions. Their investigation will lead them to wicked enemies and enigmatic allies. Are the universe and human society more complex than anyone ever imagined?

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